Nairobi’s Next Top Model Gears Up For Its Finale

27 April of 2017 by

We are finally close to naming the winner of the city’s big model opportunity.

Nairobi’s Next Top Model is part and parcel of the East African Top Model and serves as a qualification tool into yet another competition which will bring participants from across East Africa the chance to win a 2 million shilling Grand Prize.

The vision of the competition was laid out from the onset by organisers: to help drive the potential and capacity of East Africa women and men.

Are you savvy? Ambitious? Ready to take on competition and focused on changing the world?

“The pageant each year brings young men and women together to represent their countries and share their culture with the rest, celebrate the power of foster sisterhood and brotherhood, say organisers.

It’s looking to build self-esteem in young people and an appreciation of culture through shining a light on what beauty is in East Africa.

And there you have it. The main event will take place in just over a week’s time – on the 6th of May, from 6pm to midnight at the Emeli Hotel in the CBD (Kipandi Road)

Early Bird Tickets are available for 1500 shillings, Advance tickets are available for 2000 shillings and VIP goes for 3000.

Hit up 0720579774 for all the details.


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