Nairobi’s Essential Late Night Dining Restaurants

When the late night munchies hit, Nairobi has surely become a town that will cater to your cravings.

Nairobi seems to take on a completely different character at night. While this isn’t quite the city that never sleeps, there are nearly endless options for nighttime revelry and many great places for dining late into the night.

Whatever your reason is, Nairobi is the perfect city to satisfy a wide range of your late night cravings. There are late night eats, and then there are 24-hour eats. Here is a list of those restaurants that make the cut.

Habesha (Hurlingham and Gigiri)

Hands down one of the best if not ‘The best’ Ethiopian dishes in town. This chain of homely restaurants with a¬†delightful garden setup is a popular spot for large groups looking to eat well and not break the bank. If you’ve got an injera and shiro craving at midnight visit one of their branches and they will be sure to oblige!

Que Pasa Bar and Bistro

In the heart of Karen suburbia, this tastefully decorated restaurant serves up continental cuisine, including vegetarian options. The best part about it is that you can enjoy pizza on the menu all the way until midnight.

J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen

Located on the corner of Muthangari drive and Rhapta Rd Westlands, this prominent spot is much larger than the sister restaurant in Karen and features spacious outdoor seating. The ambiance during the day is laid back with soft music transforming into a nightlife ambiance as evening draws near. Be sure to try their scrumptious burgers and pork spare ribs or even their freshly oven-baked pizzas.

Havana Restaurant

Small and cozy, with just the right kind of crowd. This one is definitely a fave of mine. And if you ever find yourself in Havana during your club hopping spree, be sure to check out the Mexican restaurant situated at the back. This popular bar located on Woodvale Grove Westlands doubles up as a restaurant and a club. And you can be sure to indulge in a delightful pepita crusted snapper as late as 1 am.

Soaring Eagle Spur at Eka Hotel

Craving a stack of well-glazed ribs past 10 pm? Soaring Eagle Spur serves up scrumptious meals. Not only do the ribs come glistening on the plate but they are tender, juicy and grafting. Their bar is also always fully stocked up, so you wash down your meat fest with an ice cold drink.