Nairobi Is Third In List Of Global Cities To Visit In 2017. Here’s Why.

Me, I love Nairobi.

Popular Kenyan catchphrase, and a fashion slogan of its very own – a statement of pride we have in our own capital (even though we spend the majority of our waking ours sharing our frustrations about said city online…!)

We still love Nairobi.

The temperate climate, the National Park, the sheer cosmopolitan feel of things – from restaurants to exotic bars and lounges, from the ever-burgeoning arts scene to the decadence with which her residents celebrate almost every single victory.

And international travel bible Rough Guides agrees.

It has named Nairobi 3rd in its ‘Cities to visit in 2017’ – placing it just behind Paris, France – Europe’s most romantic destination, and Isleham, Iran – a mecca for culture and sheer splendour.

About the City in the Sun, Rough Guides says:

“East Africa’s youngest, fastest-growing metropolis and the beating heart of the continent’s largest economy, has for too long been overlooked. En route to Kenya’s national parks and palm-fringed beaches, most visitors only make forays into the city for the traditional art markets, coffee stores and museums.

Make time to explore further and you’ll find a dynamic urban landscape with cool restaurants, groundbreaking art projects and a burgeoning fashion scene (be sure to dig around the cluttered thrift markets as well as the latest boutiques)… “

The Top 10 also includes:

4. Bristol, England
5. Antwerp, Belgium
6. Medellin, Colombia
7. Atlanta, USA
8. Osaka, Japan
9. Guadalajara, Mexico
10. Palma, Majorca

So we’re going against cities with hundreds of years of tradition, cities that offer sparkling beaches and fresh ocean breeze, gastronomic leaders and world heritage sites steeped in tradition.

The arts scene in Nairobi is part of what has really elevated the city to its current standing in the eyes of many. Supporting that nascent talent at the lowest level is the quickest way to get us to the top.

Rough Guides goes on to say:

“Style blogs, artist collectives and innovative young designers are challenging the often narrow expectations of what African art and culture are supposed to look like….”

Read the full guide and use the interactive format to browse both our city as well as some of her competitors here

Image: File/XHua

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