Nairobi Takes Over Snapchat…Americans Display Their Ignorance

Snapchat – the frontier of social media – was taken over by Nairobi yesterday and, without trying to sound too condescending, the American response was beyond ignorant.

As you may already know, Snapchat introduced the “Live” function last year, which allows for multiple users to submit pictures and video to a specific curated event, such as a concert or a sports game. This function has now expanded to feature entire cities as well and yesterday it was Nairobi’s turn.

Under the hashtag #NairobiLife, Nairobi became one of the first African cities to be featured on Snapchat’s live function. The collective Nairobi snap saw the likes of familiar pop-culture personality Nick Mutuma as well as large groups of people singing Jambo Bwana and Hakuna Matata.


One might think that this digital celebration of our vibrant capital would have spurred happiness worldwide. That was however not the case. Instead, several American aggressors took to Twitter to explicate their privileged disappointment with the fact that Nairobi – a city of over three million people – was featured on Snapchat before their hometown.

Check out a selection of the displayed ignorance. As sad as it may be, we find it important to publicize this stupidity so that others may learn from it:

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.