Nairobi Named One Of The World’s Most Dynamic Cities

The gains made by young innovators over the past 12 months has resulted in a new coup for Kenya – a place as one of the world’s most ‘dynamic cities’ based on the City Momentum Index curated by investments and financing firm JLL.

Its place in the list dominated by Western superpowers and Asian cities was based on the ability of the cities in question to “embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity…”.

The majority of the world’s population currently resides in cities and this figure is expected to grow even further over the course of the next decade. How major cities will be able to adapt to growing pressure on resources will be what determines their progress.

According to the JLL, “the CMI highlights that, despite various political upheavals and ongoing economic uncertainties, many cities continue to show impressive dynamism. Keys to their success are the agility and openness that enable them to adapt quickly to each new wave of global change.”

The past few years have helped build up Nairobi’s status within Africa – tech hubs and an industry that continues to look forward means that the city – if the effort is there – can really solidify as a global force. The report shows that cities provide the right kind of environment for the biggest game changer in today’s world – namely technology.

The report indicates that the over 130 cities that were analysed, had to be checked against 42 separate variables which included: recent and projected changes in city gross domestic product, population, corporate headquarter presence, commercial real estate construction and rents, alongside education, innovation and environment.

Here are your top 10 cities:

1. Bangalore

2. Ho Chi Minh City

3. Silicon Valley

4. Shanghai

5. Hyderabad

6. London

7. Austin

8. Hanoi

9. Boston

10. Nairobi

Noteworthy, Nairobi is not only the only representative from the region on the list, but it is also the only entrant from the entire continent – a message that investors and entrepreneurs alike will not doubt be taking in.


Head over to research for more details and insight from the Dynamics Cities report. It will be available in full from the 1st of February.

City Momentum Index


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