Nairobi Hosts Designers Showcasing #AfricanInspiredFashion

East Africa is buzzing with creative talent – and none more so apparent than in the fashion industry. African inspired fashion as a whole, has blown up globally over the past decade or so – and its not out of the ordinary to see some of the biggest names in film or entertainment wearing an item that incorporates the very trends and fabrics that we have been living and loving for all of our lives.

So it makes sense that brands take notice.

Which leads us to Heineken’s move to engage with young, talented fashion designers and make a show of it all.

The competition is dubbed African Inspired Fashion, and is showcasing the stars of the future and also give the talent a greater platform to really jump start their careers!

So why is a beer brand jumping on the fashion wagon? Heineken says that its mission has always been to envelop itself in the full experience of its consumer – from music, to technology to fashion and culture.

Good luck to the contestants! Hopefully it will ultimately be a win for all!

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