Nairobi Half Life Cast & Crew Reunite To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

MyMoviesAfrica together with iHub and Yakwetu hosted a watch party to celebrate the Nairobi Half Life’s 10th anniversary. The event which went down at iHub, and reunited the film’s cast, crew, and fans, was an emotional yet fun affair.

Some of the cast and crew members in attendance were Actor Mugambi Nthiga, Writer Serah Mwihaki, Director Tosh Gitonga, and Editor Mkaiwawi Mwakaba. Hosted by Yakwetu CEO and Co-Founder Ms. Trushna Buddhdev-Patel, this event was organized as part of the monthly #wewatchkenyan watch parties. These parties aim to promote the consumption of local films and create a community of Kenyan films’ lovers.

Nairobi Half Life

Nairobi Half Life’s story is based on the life of a young Kenyan man Mwas (Joseph Wairimu). Mwas travels to Nairobi to chase his dreams of being a celebrated actor. He however ends up living a double life – a promising actor in the day and a violent robber in the night. The film stars Joseph Wairimu, Maina Olwenya, Shiks Kapienga, Jacky Vike, Ainea Ojiambo, and Mugambi Nthiga among others.

Nairobi Half Life Watch Party & Panel Session

Being a watch party, attendees got to rewatch the iconic Kenyan movie over popcorn and drinks. They later cut the cake to mark the celebration. There was also a panel session where the cast and crew reminisced about working on this project.

Nairobi Half Life

Writer Serah noted that given a chance to write Nairobi Half Life again, she wouldn’t change a thing. The crime drama is popular for its authenticity and accurate depiction of the Nairobi gang life. Director Tosh on the other hand spoke about the challenges of shooting scenes with onlookers.

Nairobi Half Life

Tosh further discussed the film’s legendary jail scene – Mwas’ clean up of the filthy bathrooms after arrest. Actor Mugambi and Editor Mkaiwawi shared insights on how being part of Nairobi Half Life changed the trajectories of their careers for the better.

Nairobi Half Life continues to be one of Kenya’s finest film exports. The film amassed several accolades in prestigious awards since its release. Some of these include Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA), Durban International Film Festival, and Africa Movie Academy Awards among others.

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Images courtesy of MyMoviesAfrica.

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