Nairobi Design Week Festival 2022: The Epitome Of Creative Fun

Nairobi Design Week Festival took place at the Kazuri Beads Factory in Karen over the weekend. Under the theme Where We Live, the 2-day festival brought together over 30 exhibitors and thousands of design enthusiasts.

The showcase was packed with diverse exhibits from different spheres of art and design. These include food, photography, film, décor, virtual reality, digital art, print design, handcrafts, sustainable development, clothing, mental health, agriculture, history, culture, etc.

The exhibitors were Kazuri Beads Factory, Swap Lab, Sounds of Freedom, Fuzu, Sinapis, Africhibi, Jada Marshleys Jewellery, Journey Through Senses, Ren’s & Non’s Preserves, Flexi Biogas, BarryANDStudio, Saving Planet Youth (SPY), Quarter Acre Developers, Ukulima Tech, RefuSHE, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), Knot Donuts, Kaliworks, Free Mind Sessions, Nisiria, The Fourth Echelon, and Enkang’ Ang’ to mention a few.

Nairobi Design Week Fun

As promised, there were a lot of exciting activities. Immersive experiences such as virtual reality and synaesthesia. These coupled with informative and interactive sessions like workshops, exhibitions, and presentations, made the festival an all-around creative and fun affair. Furthermore, the guests at Nairobi Design Week also indulged in engaging activities such as painting, drawing, and digital art.

Nairobi Design Week

Film lovers got a double treat at the governance film, Under Our Skin, and the audio series, First Patriots screenings. The unique presentation, of First Patriots, was enthralling, to say the least. It allowed attendees to listen to the personal experiences of Kenyan freedom fighters while walking through a forest. On top of all that, the unique festival also featured captivating live music and performances.

As an appreciation token, early-bird visitors received gifts like jewelry, portraits, headsets, bags, etc. at the exciting Nairobi Design Week raffle.

While the festival is over, the fun still continues as exhibitors are still on site showcasing their installations. This exhibition is on till the 24th of this month.

Images by Lenity Githinji

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