Nairobi Could Be The African HQ For Grammy Academy

Nairobi, the savannah of Silicon Valley, could soon be the headquarters of the Grammy Africa Academy. Yeah, you heard that right! President William Ruto recently made the suggestion to the people with the power to decide this.

Just last Saturday, President Ruto stormed into Santa Monica, California, and met with the big shots at the Grammy Academy. But here’s the kicker – he wasn’t just rubbing shoulders with anyone; he sat down with none other than Harvey Mason Jr., the music mogul behind hits for legends like Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin! Harvey Jr is currently calling the shots as the CEO of The Recording Academy, and he’s got the music industry bowing to his beats.

Panos A. Panay, the brain behind MIT’s cutting-edge creations, joined the party too. This Cyprus-born genius serves as the President of The Recording Academy and rocks the title of Senior VP of Global Strategy & Innovation at Berklee College of Music. He’s all about pushing the boundaries of music, and now he’s teaming up with Mr. Ruto.

The head of state has been on a tech-savvy spree in the United States, rubbing elbows with tech giants like Tim Cook from Apple, Intel’s Patrick Gelsinger, and even Alphabet’s CFO, Ruth Porat! Brad Smith from Microsoft and execs from Nike, GAP, and Levi Strauss all made their way to the Ruto rendezvous. The President’s pitch? Inviting these tech titans to Kenya, where opportunities are ripe for the picking.

Meanwhile, multiple sources have confirmed that Mr.Ruto had an encounter with the mastermind behind Worldcoin, Sam Altman-even shaking hands! This action happened during Ruto’s visit to the United States for the 2023 US-Kenya business roadshow in San Francisco, California. Video footage of Ruto and Altman in the same room has gone viral, leaving Kenyans wondering what the future holds for a recently deposed company at a parliamentary hearing.