Nairobi-based Filmmaker Explores the Underbelly of His City

What happens if a one party government is given complete control over its citizens?

Nairobi-based filmmaker Dan Muchina, who works under artist pseudonym “Abstract Omega,” asked himself that very question and came up with “Monsoons Over the Moon” – a post-apocalyptic short film set in Nairobi during a fictional period of totalitarian dictatorship.

“My motivation for the script was based on my own experiences of living in Nairobi…and witnessing the grim reality that is mostly kept out of the news and swept under the rug,” Muchina told Dynamic Africa recently. “I was compelled with the intention to shine light to this reality.”

Muchina’s film follows the plight of a street gang called The Monsoons, which fights the sitting government. The gang’s main goal is to recruit the city’s ghetto youth to their cause but since the government has shut down the Internet as well as most other forms of communication, they’re forced to do this by the means of the printed word. Through the inherent revolutionary powers of books and pamphlets, they attempt to help others to liberate themselves.

Filmed entirely in black and white “Monsoons Over the Moon” runs just over eight minutes. Before the end credits roll on the screen the words “End of Part One” appear, possibly suggesting that a sequel is soon to come.

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.