Nafsi Set To Air On Netflix This Month

The Kenyan film Nafsi is airing on Netflix on the 18th of November. The film which premiered at a glitzy affair last year is a tale of the touch subject of surrogacy in African settings. Starring Aisha (played by Mumbi Maina), the storyline revolves around her inability to conceive and how a surrogacy offer from her best friend Shiko (played by Catherine Kamau), changes everything.


While Aisha does this to save her marriage, this proves to be another difficult undertaking as things take an unexpected turn after a successful IVF process. Aisha’s change of heart on the surrogacy leaves Shiko feeling used.

Written and directed by filmmaker Reuben Odanga, Nafsi explores several themes such as friendship, marriage, loyalty, and family among others. In addition to its captivating storyline, the film’s cast is packed with top acting talent from Kenya. The cast members include Alfred Munyua, Silayio Kirisuah, Alex Mwakideu, Monique Angelyn Bett, Alex Khayo, and Raymond Ofula.

Several of the cast members couldn’t hide their joy on the Nafsi Netflix streaming news on their social media handles.

Nafsi oozes top-notch quality with an authentic representation of middle-class Nairobians. This film joins the likes of Sincerely Daisy, 40 Sticks, Disconnect, Uradi, and Country Queen on the giant streaming platform.

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