Nadia Mukami Comes Clean On Being A Celebrity Mom and Challenges

Kenyan pop star Nadia Mukami is among the newest celebrity moms in town and has revealed new information about motherhood that most celebrities don’t share.

While motherhood is a journey on its own, most people are curious about how celebrities juggle.

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We have seen different celebrities take on completely different paths when it comes to parenting styles. For example, some parents like Kambua and Anne Kiguta have chosen not to reveal their babies’ faces and identities while the opposite is true for other celebrities like The Wajesus family among many others.

While most of them don’t divulge details of why and how, new mom Nadia Mukami has expressed her side of what motherhood looks like for her so far.

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During a QnA session on Instagram, one of her fans asked her what is different about being a celebrity mom.

In her words, Nadia wrote, ”Yeah, everyone is in my business telling me how to do everything. Just coz am an artist there are people who felt I wasn’t gonna be a good mum but they are shocked now. I ask for advice where I can & I just take a day at a time & trust that if God blessed me with a child he would give me the grace to raise him! And he has been fulfilling his word!”

Nadia Mukami and her fiance Arrowboy welcomed their son  Haseeb Kai two months ago.

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