Mzungu Mwitu Opens Up On His Struggle With Depression

Tik Toker Elliot Berry alias Mzungu Mwitu or the Reverend Dad has opened up about his struggle with depression in a recent interview with Mpasho.

Berry, who has gained a lot of recognition from Kenyans for his entertaining videos,, also stated that he lost around 7 kilograms as well.

“I have been struggling from high functioning depression, I did much more than a normal person, stress increased and I lost almost 7 kilograms in seven days being my lowest moment in a long time. I could not stand or eat anything for a week since there was so much pressure from running my organization,” he said.

He went on to share how this had lasted around a month as a result of personal issues while also stating not everyone who is depressed is going through love problems.

Berry also shared how it was hard on him because the people close to him could not fully understand what he was going through.

The Tik Toker who is also a fashion designer and former model revealed that content creation does not pay a lot, however he does it purely to entertain.

“My main purpose is to entertain not to make money but im open to collaborations,” he added.

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