“My Mom Inspired My Album Title, Alusa Why Are You Topless”, Bien

Singer Bien released his debut solo album on November 17th 2023, ‘Alusa why are you topless’, and in an interview on UK’s radio Capital XTRA the singer shared the inspiration behind the rather creative title.

Meaning behind Bien’s ‘Alusa why are you topless’ Album title

Bien shared the title has been years in the making, as the inspiration came from Sauti Sol’s ‘Nishike’ Era.

“My African name is Alusa. I was named after my granddad.” He said, adding …

“For those of you who don’t know me, I was in a boy band before I started my solo career.

When we were in a boy band (Sauti Sol), there’s a song we did called Nishike, and in that song we were whining topless with lots of oil on our body, girls were feeling us.” https://youtu.be/KYFQRuqQ7EM?si=BdUZya4iGYIMn40B

But my mom called me and asked,

“Yo Alusa, why are you topless?” So she gave me the inspiration to name my album Alusa why are you topless.

Why Topless? “I’m about to take my career to the next level, that’s why I’m topless.”

Bien revealed the symbolic meaning behind going topless.

“Toplessness is freedom, and toplessness also represents doing something audacious, because when we did that, it took our careers to the next level.

So now I’m ready to take my career to the next level, that’s why I’m topless.”