My Family Stood With Me- DJ Joe Mfalme After HBR Oust

Former Hoemboyz Radio DJ Joe Mflame has finally opened up on his post-Homeboyz radio life following his controversial firing alongside Shaffie Weru and Neville in late March.

Speaking on his firing, Mflame said that his comments were misunderstood and was only answering what Shaffie had asked him.

“It was a misunderstanding. The words that came out of my mouth was were how it took time for me to get a wife,” said Mflame.

“I was answering a question but Shaffie had already led the conversation. Someone like Nevile didn’t say anything but unfortunately, he was also involved.”

Mflame said that though it was sad he had been fired, things later warmed up after he got a call from Eminem’s team.

“We left Homeboyz and three weeks later I’m on Eminem’s station,” said Mflame.

“I was called and I did a really dope set on Friday 19th, I’ll never forget that day.”

Shaffie, on the other hand, while speaking on his life after the firing said that friends and colleagues ditched him thereafter.

“Actually, majority of the people who I expected to stand by me or have my back walked away and I’m not even judging,” he said.

“Some of them are people who used to handle my businesses, others I used to hang with on a daily when I was ‘The Reverend’. I am not a foreseer to know that something like this would have happened.”

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