One on One With Muthoni The Drummer Queen About Her Tour, #Me2MDQTour

Muthoni The Drummer Queen, singer, rapper, drummer, all round boss lady as she likes to call herself took to her social media platforms to announce her tour, set to start on the 13th of September all the way to December 17th totaling up to 33 shows in 33 universities and colleges across Kenya.



List of univerities and colleges on the #ME2MDQTOUR

She also announced where she would be performing at the first three shows; JKUAT, Juja (Sept 13th), Kenya Utalii College on Sept 14th and University of Nairobi (where she was a student for a while before leaving to join USIU) on the 15th of September.

Ruby: You’ve just announced the #Me2MDQTour across campuses. Why that audience specifically?

MDQ: Because majority of the people who reach out to ask me questions on what to do/how to start come from that audience. Also, university was a really great time for me and I loved the freedom of thinking and making up my own mind. I grew into myself in university, formed my best friendships in life and started my music career. I would love to be in that energy again and if I can share my journey with everyone going through that right now, it would be such a blessing.

me2MDQ TOUR individual posters week 1-01


UON Poster

Ruby: What’s your main agenda for this tour? Besides, of course, growing your fan base by exposing more people to your music.

MDQ: In fact, growing my fan base is not an agenda but an outcome of the tour. For me, the main thing is to form real relationships. I want to interact and bond with one another. I want to share with the university audience who I am- a great musician, a really good performer and a really smart business person who started with nothing but a dream and made a life for myself doing the thing I love and making it possible for other musicians to also do the thing the love (perform at Blankets & Wine)

My second most important agenda is to find some fresh talent in the university circuit space with whom I can create some collaborative music with. I think we need a lot of fresh music to come from Kenya and for that to happen, we will need a lot of fresh talent!

Ruby: What does Me2, which is part of the title mean to you? What are you referring to in other words?

MDQ: ME2 simply means that. ME2. Just like you, I too want to be successful at what I do and live a fulfilling life. You know, I read all these messages in my DM/FB with people asking me things like “How can I become a world wide artist” and I’m like “ Exactly. Me 2. I too want to know how to become a world wide artist.”

I relate so deeply with the questions that people ask me because on a daily basis I ask myself the same questions. How do I win? How do I get better? What can I do differently? Basically #me2 is saying to everyone that I am also going through everything you are going through and the only difference is that I have a little experience so I see and do things differently. By no means do I think I have made it, or that I know everything that needs to be done, but I have some pretty good ideas based on my experience and my imagination and that is what I can share with you.

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Utalii College Poster

Ruby: There’s a one on one session with the first 20 ticket holders from each university, are you launching a mentorship programme?

MDQ: Actually, the whole #ME2MDQ tour is the outcome of an ongoing mentorship with three actuarial science students currently at JKUAT- Solomon Mogaka, Evans Juma and Stephen Kihara, collectively known as Kipaji Entertainment. In April 206, they approached me to mentor them. They wanted to learn how to build an events based entertainment business in the university space. I felt that the way to teach them about events and business is by practically doing it together, so #ME2MDQTOUR was born as a learning and sharing experiment

me2MDQ TOUR individual posters week 1-05

 JKUAT, Juja Poster
Ruby: On the road, you’ve got your musician’s cape on but are you going to be on the lookout for students who probably aren’t gifted as artists but hope to one day run an events company as successful as yours?
MDQ: Yes. This is the purpose of the one on one sessions: to make the time to speak to people individually and to truly address their questions and provide my experience or point of view. I really just want to share everything I have learnt up to this point and hopefully make it easier for someone to achieve their potential

Ruby: You’re also planning to share a stage with the talented students from these universities, are these the only artists you choose to be your curtain raisers? 

MDQ: Yes. That is the plan.

Ruby: Do you have any plans for these artists after the Me2MDQTour?

MDQ: I am hoping to find some really special talent who will collaborate with each other and myself as well as my producers Hook and GR from Switzerland. I am committing to mentor these new talent will mentor the talent, produce an actual product (single) and guide them in the launch of their product.

Ruby: Lastly, on December 18th, after the tour is done, where do you hope to be as an artist? As a performer and as a business person?

MDQ: I hope to be refreshed by the experience of sharing myself. I hope to have been challenged by the people I interact with and to become a better leader by guiding this whole project to its conclusion. I hope I learn to become an even better performer and better team player on stage. Most important, I pray to make real connection with the university students. I just want my relationship with current fans/future fans to be REAL! No more hiding behind an IG avatar or fake name or fake life.

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