Muthoni Drummer Queen Launches ‘Perform Music Incubation’

Rapper, singer, entrepreneur and musical genius Muthoni Drummer Queen always has something up her sleeves destined to make the industry greater.

This week she launched #PerformMusicIncubator a project to which she will be working with 6 artists to develop their individual live shows as well as their strategies for the successful release of albums or EPs by June 2020.

Muthoni attributes the project to her own experience. “Previously in music, I knew that as a basic, not all songs in the discography belong on stage, and not all songs need to be done in full/as is, but I didn’t know how to think about setlists, or how to deliver a compelling show so for many years stage was rehearsed guesswork,” said Muthoni

The team has developed a curriculum and is testing the accuracy in the class sessions. The artists to go through the 8-week class have been picked and they include singer Karun, vocalist Kash Kaaria, producer and performer Mutooria, Rapper Mbithi, and Alternative Rapper Kabochia.

Muthoni has teamed up with Goeth Institute Kenya and the #JengaCCI project. She has brought on board an excellent faculty of industry professionals, performance coaches and experienced technicians.

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