Spotify names Muthoni Drummer Queen EQUAL Artist of the Month

Spotify this week named Kenyan artist and cultural entrepreneur Muthoni Drummer Queen as December’s Spotify EQUAL Artist of the Month.

The renowned artist song ‘African Fever’ will be featured on the EQUAL Africa and EQUAL Global playlists.

African Fever is a track on the artist’s new album “River”, her fourth studio album.

The album features a number of global Afro-diasporic sounds, blended with hip-hop, reggae dancehall, R&B, and traditional drumbeats from various ethnic communities around Kenya.

MDQ - spotify
Muthoni Drummer Queen – Spotify

Muthoni Drama Queen

Muthoni Drummer Queen has achieved acclaim not only for her own music but also for her wider work in the Kenyan music industry.

Fresh out of university, she organised the Blankets and Wine Music Festival, which has provided a platform for alternative musicians in the region since 2008.

The festival has come to incorporate elements of fashion, art, and literature in addition to the music.

Having started out as a way to promote independent acts, the festival has also played host to a number of internationally-acclaimed acts from across Africa.

Muthoni also founded perFORM which is a music business and artistic development incubator.

PerFORM aims to enable practitioners in the music industry to filter, order, refine, and master the business and artistic skills required to build a sustainable music career.

Spotify Equal

Spotify equal aims to foster gender equality in music and provide a platform to highlight influential female creators like Muthoni Drummer Queen.

Muthoni welcomed Spotify’s acknowledgement and encouraged other female artists to be loud and make space for themselves in the music industry.

“When they don’t give you a seat at the table, make your own with and for the people that love and celebrate you as you are,” she says.