Must Try Mombasa Street Goodies

Visiting Mombasa could be about the beaches, spectacular getaway homes, or historic architectural assets, but for most who call it home, it’s all about the street foods. Walking down the streets doing shopping, chilling at Mama Ngina Drive on your way home, it’s quite evident street food is a literal culture down at the coast – mostly enjoyed in the evenings!

Here are must-have street food/snacks you need to try;

Milkshakes at Bibla Fruit Parlour;

A spot in Majengo where the menu and thick frothy drinks are both interesting. Their milkshakes are made with whole fruits and packed with all the protein goodies like avocado and peanuts depending on your pick – great for those of us who aren’t watching their calorie count. They also offer diet shakes – a collaboration with Fit with Attiya.


Wondering what to have for dinner in Mombasa? There’s definitely a barbecue spot down the street- most run in the evening when the city is less chaotic and the streets are actually a calm spot to just chill!

Most barbecue spots serve mishkaki (Nyama choma) both beef and chicken, grilled chicken tikka and French fries with a side of cabbage salad. Sinia bbq is one example of a barbecue spot; you could eat outdoors in a traditional round platter (sinia) for the culture or order take out.

Roasted Cassava and Cassava Crisps;

This is one of the famous street treats in Mombasa. Cassava is cut into medium-sized strips then deep-fried or roasted on a grill. The strips are then cut in the middle and seasoned with salt, chilli and sprinkled with some lemon juice – served to you.

Cassava is also cut thinly and deep-fried to crisps. A pack of golden cassava crisps seasoned with salt and chilli sprinkled with some lemon juice is yours to enjoy. All this is done as you watch, who wouldn’t love some natural freshly made crisps?

Mkate wa Nyama or Keema Mani;

One thing that most people grow to love. This is made with dough balls spread out thinly on a pan then filled with cooked seasoned minced meat mixed in raw eggs. The dough is folded into a square to cover the egg and minced meat mixture.  Served with tamarind sauce and cabbage salad.








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