Music Review: Victoria Kimani’s “GOTA”

Victoria Kimani is currently working on album one which she has already let known will be called “Safari”. As we gear towards the release of the album, whose full scoop you can catch here, she released a new track yesterday called “GOTA”.

Singing in Swahili from the start to the end, the track has that feel good, pop-club-vibe and after two listens, I thought that it kind of sounds like an upgraded “Mtoto”.

What I mean by that is, there’s a lot of repetition and catchy rhymes “….Mi sitaki ngori, kwa hivyo usiworry…”. The beat is also very Kwaito like. This was a strategic move on Victoria and her team’s side. She has been dissed before for not being able to speak Swahili and also releasing music that’s “very Nigerian” so, for her to release a track she’s even throwing sheng’ word in, I think she’s trying to be more relatable to her Kenyan fans and for the Kwaito beats, she’s trying to reach out to her South African fan base. Two birds, one stone.

The production was on point and she has that soft melodic tune going on which, in my opinion, makes the track sound even better because there’s no strain on the vocals which makes GOTA not be an overkill.

I foresee this being a certified club hit, just like many of the records from the Victoria Kimani camp.

Have a listen below. What do you think?

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