Music Review: Nyashinki’s Latest Single – Marathon Runner

11 April of 2019 by

Comeback king Nyashinski is out here keeping his fans as entertained as possible with his music releases. He just unleashed his 10th single titled Marathon Runner and it is banging as usual.

Keeping his usual Swahili-Sheng rap flow, ‘Marathon Runner’ snatches your attention from the jump. The vivid trumpets sound reverb before the drums and keys keep you at ease awaiting some fire verse.

The jam explores the everyday struggle where we go out of our way to maintain a certain image, impressing people we don’t know while flaunting money we don’t have.

Nyash implies that he wanna keep running his life with no dictations from society. Proverbial marathon runners keep one pace on the long distance race and it ends up at the podium.

This jam has several layers on life, social status, music, poverty, culture and hustle. The only downside to this record, I feel that we are used to this type of style from Nyashinski. The last few releases feel like its the same jam as he never diversifies on the delivery.

The jam is produced and co-written by the talented producer Ceed


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