Blinky Bill Expounds On His Debut EP “We Cut Keys While You Wait”

When Just A Band announced that they were taking a break for a little while, a lot of fans were heartbroken. What they did to console us though, was announce that they would be working on their individual projects, in whatever field that interested them.

Blinky Bill took to Twitter to announce his EP, “We Cut Keys While You Wait”, about a week ago. He had previously announced that he eas working on his album so I just thought that this was going to be a build up to it.

I took some time to listen to the six-track project and had a little chat with Blinky about it just so I could understand him and the project better and hopefully you will to.

Ruby: How did the name “We Cut Keys While You Wait?” come about?
BlinkyBill: I really wanted to have my album out this year, but it’s moving so fast and I didn’t want to rush it. So I felt like I should put out an EP as I continue working on the main project.

R: What type of energy were you trying to present to the world with this EP?

B: Was mostly just trying to spread good vibes.

R: From the feedback that you’re getting from fans, do they feel this energy?

BB: It feels so, I am getting a lot of positive feedback and it makes me glad to be able to share my vibes on a project and have people resonate with it.. Makes me glad actually.

R: What message do you hope a listener gets from the entire EP after listening to it?

BB: I would love them laugh, to think, to dance and to resonate with the music and lyrics.

R: Being the only features, what would you say Maia Von Lekow, Shappa (formerly of Camp Mulla) and Sage added to the EP to make it complete?

BB: The 3 of them are amongst some of my favorite Kenyan artists and are brilliant musicians in their own right, and the songs just felt like a perfect fit for them. Big shout out to Eric Musyoka helping me clean the sounds and Dillie for additional production.

About Maia Von Lekow:


Maia is a Kenyan musician who mixes up afro-jazz, folk and soul making it sound oh so good by adding Swahili onto it.

The songstress has supported acts such as Mafikizolo and James Blunt and has performed at festivals across Africa.

She released her debut album, titled Drift, in 2013 and has received two African Academy Awards for best soundtrack.

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