Reminiscing Time! Remembering Hits From Kenyan Groups of The Past.

We’ve had countless group ever since people discovered music. In Kenya, there was a period where charts were being ruled by groups and individual artists in equal measure.

A friend of mine started showing us (we were three) pictures of games we used to play when we were growing up , like “rounder”, “kati”, “blada” (I never really knew  the exact name but I was amongst the players with the highest scores) . We reminisced on the countless “whoopings” we got after doing mischievous things like you know, climbing a tree and stealing mangoes from the neighbour’s yard, going to eat at the neighbour’s house after mom had specifically told us that it was “bad manners”, getting caught up in fights with other kids your age and possibly even older than you. Just another day in the life of a kid.

We ended up talking about music and what was hot and not. Back in the day when newspapers had song lyrics which was just another distraction from your Mathematics homework. Back when we “collected” music using radio cassettes and pasting newspaper cut-outs of lyrics. Remember those days?

Yeah it’s because of that that this article exists so if you don’t mind, take some time and vibe with me as we take a look at some of the biggest hits by groups from the past. Reminisce with me.

1. Tattuu – Teso

Members: Angie Ndambuki, Angie Mwandanda, Debbie Asila

Every girl who had experienced heartbreak (and even those who hadn’t) sang this song with every nerve in their bodies. This was the track that put them on the map.

2. Deux Vultures – Monalisa

Members: Colonel Mustafa and Nasty Thomas

Certified party hit. That’s it.

3. Kleptomaniax- Tuendelee

Members: Nyashinski, Collo, Roba.

It was a diss to somebody that I really can’t recall anymore. I was pretty young and didn’t pay much attention to music back then.


4. K South – Tunapenda Zote

Members: Abbas Kubaff and Bamboo

Were they really talking about food?

5. Historians – Hey DJ

Members: French Boy and Swaleh

6. Necessary Noize – Kenyan Boy Kenyan Gal

Members (at this point): Nazizi and Wyre

7. XYZee – Tafuta

Members: Lexxy and Santos

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