Music Group Ethic Suffers Setback As Content Is Unplugged

Sensational music group and pulse of the moment Ethic Entertainment is always trending for right and wrong reasons.

Just yesterday, their latest trending single ‘Figa’ which had amassed over 2 million views on Youtube was pulled down. The single was also pulled off streaming platforms like Deezer and iTunes due to copyright infringement.

The jam was produced by fast-rising producer Motiff. What the group failed to mention or acknowledge was that the beat was lifted off the internet with no permission. The beat is an exact replica of ‘Cono’ by Puri featuring Jhormountain and Adje.

Social media was buzzing as fans were mortified by the ingenuity of the group and their failure to have a clean slate so young in their career.

The group recently signed a record deal with AI Records a subsidiary of Universal records as they stood as the most impressive break out cats of 2018.

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