Murugi Munyi To Focus On Healthy Lifestyle

In a candid revelation, Murugi Munyi, popularly known as Yummy Mummy in the digital realm, recently shared her empowering journey towards embracing her body.

In an exclusive interview, Munyi opened up about her shift in perspective, highlighting that she has come to terms with her body size and is no longer fixated on the pursuit of weight loss.

Rather than being enslaved by the notion of shedding pounds, Munyi emphasized that her focus now revolves around prioritizing her health over arbitrary numbers on a scale.

Reflecting on the perpetual struggle of weight management, she acknowledged,

“Weight loss is an ongoing journey, and for some, it’s a constant battle. There are those of us who harbor a deep love for food, and despite our attempts to bid farewell to certain indulgences, they persistently linger.”

Munyi expressed contentment with her current state, acknowledging the fluctuations in weight as part of her reality.

“I’ve made peace with it. This is my journey, and I’ve accepted it. Whether the scale tips up or down, as long as it doesn’t hinder my everyday life and well-being, I’m content fulfilling my roles as a friend, mother, and wife, while bringing my full energy to my work.”

Her remarks came during the launch of the Kenyan TV series, Shanga, held at Maasai Lodge in Nairobi County.

In a significant step towards self-care back in 2022, Munyi opted for liposuction, investing over Sh500,000 into the procedure as a personal gift for her 32nd birthday. Recalling her motivation, she shared, “After my third child, my weight peaked at 120kg, and I knew I needed a change.”

Despite rigorous gym sessions that led to a notable weight reduction to 88kg, Munyi grappled with lingering insecurities about her abdomen.

“Despite my efforts, my belly remained a concern, especially in front of the camera. I was constantly strategizing ways to conceal it,” she confessed.

Describing the transformative impact of her liposuction experience, Munyi emphasized the boost it gave to her self-assurance and overall well-being. Contrary to assumptions, she noted that the procedure was within reach, costing just under Sh600,000.

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