Murugi Munyi Gifted Herself Liposuction Worth 600,000 For Birthday

Murugi Munyi has revealed why she underwent Liposuction, and her decision to change her name.

In an interview with Masawe Japani on Radio Jambo, the TMI podcast host explained;

“I have been trying to loose weight for a long time.

I went to the gym, changed my diet and my weight reduced from 120kg to 88kg.”

She added; “At that point I noticed my lower belly fat was not going away and it was discouraging.

I decided to go for this Lipo coz I had the money, and my birthday is next week so for me it was a birthday gift for myself.”

The content creator who turns 32 said the procedure was just under Ksh 600,000.

Murugi Munyi On Why She Doesn’t go by Yummy Mummy Anymore

Murugi also addressed why she does not go by her previous name; ‘Yummy Mummy’

“As soon as you hear Yummy Mummy, you think of a mother, and it becomes your defining feature.

You can’t be seen as anything else, you can’t be seen as a sexy woman, an entrepreneur, podcast host, you are just seen as a mother.”

She explained this was limiting the brands that wanted to work with her.

Now as Murugi Munyi, my content covers anything that has to do with me as a woman, from sex, periods, hair, makeup, clothes.”

“It can be anything” she said.