“Mtindo” Album Marks a Bold Step Forward for Kenya’s Shrap Prodigy, Boutross

Kenya’s very own Shrap God Boutross breaks new ground with the release of his debut album, “Mtindo,” marking a significant milestone in his musical career. This expansive 20-track collection showcases his versatility and ambition, blending his Shrap influences into a vibrant sonic tapestry. “Mtindo” features titles such as “Nyash,” “Mannerless,” “Huwezi,” “Bad Habits,” and the album’s first release and focus track “Misbehavior.”

Following the success of his last EP “Mawingu” which hosted his viral hit single “Angela” featuring Juice Mann, Mtindo introduces us to a versatile and experimental Boutross. Unlike his past projects that were mostly HipHop, this album sees Boutross experiment with genres such as Afrobeats, Reggaeton, Gengetone, Dancehall, and Ragga.

“Mtindo” Tracks

The sonic landscape varies providing a song for fans with different music preferences. Tracks like “Intro,” “Blocks Hot,” and “Formula 1” highlight his impressive rhyme skills. On the other hand, “Mannerless” and “Bad Habits” demonstrate his knack for crafting infectious hooks. The love song “Nyash” celebrates good vibes and throws a playful nod to skinny guys.

“Baby Love” offers a fresh take on the dancehall genre, with Boutross flexing his lyrical prowess while referencing H_Art The Band’s popular song of the same name. Just like “Baby Love” plays homage to H_art The Band’s classic, the song “Dera” also pays homage to the Kenyan hit song “Kamata Dem” by Pilipili. Apart from sampling older songs, the ADF music signee also injects playful elements from viral trends, incorporating the “Ni nini ladies?” meme and words associated with Kenyan Tiktoker Kapinto.

Collaboration plays a key role in “Mtindo,” bringing a rich layer of diversity to the project. Boutross joins forces with a stellar lineup of Kenyan artists like H_Art The Band, Fena Gitu, Khaligraph, Timmy Blanco, Savara, and Fathermoh among others. The album also features international collaborations with Joshua Baraka, OGD NSG, Ice Prince, and Backroad Gee. Each collaboration adds a unique flavor, exemplified by the contrast between the hardcore rap of “Blocks Hot” and the slower, Afrobeat-infused love song “Fire.”

“Mtindo” is a testament to Boutross’ artistic evolution. He breaks free from the confines of Shrap, a Kenyan hip-hop subgenre and explores a wide range of musical territories. This genre-bending exploration showcases his boundless creativity. “Mtindo” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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