Mr and Miss Kenya Albino Competition


The first ever Mr and Miss Kenya Albino competition will take place on 21st October. The pageant organized by the Albinism Society of Kenya will be held at the Simba Saloon, Carnivore.

According to the Albinism Society of Kenya’s website; it’s a campaign geared to run annually and promote self-awareness for People with Albinism (PWA). It is also geared to stop discrimination and stigmatization of PWA in the society, raise funds for promoting education and creating as well opening job opportunities for PWA.

The pageant will run on the slogan, “My Beauty, My Pride,” in a bid to help cultivate self-esteem among albinos in Kenya.

The society’s hope is that “this will help us also have brand ambassadors all over Kenya and in other East African countries to represent PWA and even go as far as to influence Africa in general.”

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