MP Jalangó To Continue Working As A Creative

Newly elected Langata MP and former media personality Felix Odiwuor has said that he will continue to work in the creative industry even though he has now officially shifted to politics.

“I think if I stopped doing what elevated me to where I am today, it would be a great disservice to the creative industry. It’s the creative industry that got me to where I am, there’s no way I will drop it,” said Jalas during the 13 Parliamentary induction.

Jalas, who spoke about maintaining his creative position even after winning the seat, said Langata, however, will be his main focus then the creative industry comes second.

“This (being an MP) of course, becomes my main job…to focus on delivery for the people of Langata. We have to deliver,” he said.

Jalangó hinted that he might be returning to Radio.

He also clearly stated that he will be doing advertisements for different clients but will introduce new clauses this time around that will ensure Langata constituency benefits.

Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South Constituency John Kiarie also known as KJ, applauded Jalang’o’s sentiments saying that he should keep creating.

“What Jalango is saying is true, there are lawyers, engineers, doctors, surveyors in this house who are still practising. There would be nothing wrong with Jalas practising and plying his trade,” KJ said.

“It took the entry of people like KJ into this house for some of us to take up the creative economy…when I stand for my constituency, I also carry the banner for youthful leadership, new and emerging industries like ICT, and the visual and performing arts.”

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