MozFest House To Make Kenyan Debut This September

Tech Forum MozFest House debuts in Kenya from 21st – 22nd September 2023 at Shamba House Cafe. Also known as Mozilla Festival House, this regional adaptation of the renowned tech festival will focus on tackling critical subjects. These include digital extractivism and AI governance, all while celebrating Africa’s vibrant tech scene.

According to the organizers, MozFest House Kenya will encompass Mozilla’s Africa Innovation Mradi initiative. It creates environments where diverse communities can come together to exchange knowledge, engage in debates, and establish collaborations with a specific emphasis on advancing the growth and governance of digital technologies in Eastern and Southern Africa.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Africa finds itself at the crossroads of technological advancement. Hence the need for responsible AI governance. The timing of MozFest House in Kenya is particularly poignant. It coincides with a crucial juncture where the unchecked power of Big Tech intersects with the continent’s push for tech sovereignty. In Kenya, many tech workers are currently fighting for improved working conditions and fair wages.

MozFest House Kenya Activities

On the agenda are several matters. These include over 20 sessions under the theme “Mobilizing African Communities for Trustworthy AI” to provide insights on pressing matters like digital safety, digital rights, platform accountability, and the imperative for effective internet governance.

Additionally, there will also be distinguished keynote speakers, panelists, and experts from Eastern and Southern Africa to lead thought-provoking discussions. This assembly of minds will explore topics ranging from tech policy to artistry and activism. All while shedding light on the intersection of AI and the African continent. Mozfest House Kenya will also feature exhibitions, demonstrations, a hackathon, and other engaging programs that vividly illustrate the fusion of AI and African innovation.

MozFest House Kenya is popular for bringing together a diverse array of technologists, educators, artists, researchers, policymakers, activists, and more, to explore the realms of a healthy internet and trustworthy AI. Therefore, this regional endeavor marks Mozilla’s commitment to fostering knowledge exchange, debates, and partnerships, specifically focusing on digital technology’s development and governance in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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