Movie On Nyayo Torture Chambers Makes Huge Premiere In Nairobi

Kenyans finally have a chance to get the secret details of what really used to happen at the hidden basement of Nyayo House, a 26-story building in Nairobi’s city center which was rumoured to be a torture chamber in the 1980s, through a new short film called “1988”.

The film made a huge premiere at an invite-only event at Metta on Saturday 14. Metta is located along Riverside Drive in Nairobi and boasts of an exclusive audience — of members only — that connects people, ideas and resources.

While so much has been whispered and peddled about the horrifying things that used to happen at Nyayo House, 1988 gives a glimpse of all these by sharing the story of an ordinary Kenyan who choose to step up against the 80s government, which used fear tactics to deal with citizens trying to fight for their rights.

Written by Charles Chanchori, the movie stars Helena Waithera, Mike Njeru, Raymond Ofula, Qwachezz Kwach and aims to share the dark times Kenyans experienced then, when free speech was highly discouraged and anyone who went against the government was dragged into the torture chambers in the basement of the building and faced the consequences.

Here is the trailer of the movie.




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