Mos Def Shows Love To The 254 In New Hot 97 Interview

31 August of 2017 by

Whatever we may say out loud, there’s always the feeling of pride when our city or our hood or our country gets a shout-out.

Which is what happened when Mos Def a.k.a Yaasin Bey popped by Hot 97 recently, where he spoke about Africa in general and mentioned Nairobi in particular – how things are never as you would probably assume, and the world tries to push down the narrative

Check out the video from around the 15 minute mark. He really gets into it.

And watch the video in full, below.

He has a lot to say – which is not surprising, if you’re a fan of Mos Def. Gems on the Continent and progress, politics, sport – from Colin Kaepernick to the Mayweather and McGregor fight as well as the current state of hip hop.


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