Morgan Freeman Applauds Kenyan Artist

A talented artist from Dandora, Kenya, has received appreciation from Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman for his remarkable artwork that went viral on social media.

The artist known as pencilartsam, drew a masterpiece of the American actor and shared it on social media where it went viral.

Under the hashtag #ArtistAppreciation, Freeman retweeted the photo acknowledging the work.

The artwork portrays the iconic Hollywood legend with his signature appearance that has been familiar to fans over the years.

This includes a warm smile that has come to symbolize his presence, as well as his cloud-white hair, facial moles, and small hoop earrings that complete the look.

Reacting to Morgan’s co-sign, the artists was more than humbled saying it means the world to him.

I am humbled. This means the world to me. Thanks for sharing my talent. Days like this make it all worthwhile,” he said.

Morgan’s piece isn’t the only top Hollywood personality pencilartsam has done.

The talented artist has also drawn Lil Wayne, Qauvo, Eminem, Kendric Lamar among others. He also draws Kenyan personalities.

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