More Content Creators On YouTube Set To Earn The Platform  

More content creators on YouTube are set to earn from the video sharing platform.

This comes after it was revealed that the online video sharing platform is lowering the eligibility requirements and creating more avenues for creators to monetize their content.

YouTube lowers eligibility requirements for creators to make money

On Tuesday YouTube announced its lowering the eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program.

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) allows creators on the platform to monetize their content.

Aside from lowering eligibility requirements, creators will also be able to use a handful other methods to monetize their content from paid chats, tipping, channel memberships as well as shopping features.

Creators with 500 subscribers can monetize their content

Creators can monetize their content once they reach 500 subscribers, half the number that the social media platform previously required.

In other requirements, participating creators will now need three public uploads in the last 90 days,  3,000 valid watch hours instead of 4,000 or 3 million shorts views compared to the original 10 million in the last 90 days to earn from the platform.

The lowered eligibility is set to roll out in the US, Canada, UK, South Korea and Taiwan before being implemented in other countries where YPP is available.