Mordecai of Hart the Band Takes New Step, Joins Sol Generation Publishing

In a pivotal move that signals a new chapter in his illustrious career, Mordecai “DEX” Mwini, a founding member of the celebrated Kenyan afropop group H_art the Band, has officially joined Sol Generation Publishing.

The announcement, which came via Sol Generation Publishing’s Instagram page on the 06th of March, where Mordecai’s new affiliation was heralded with enthusiasm and anticipation. 

“Welcome to the family @mordecai_dex. Kenyan Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Mordecai ‘DEX’ Mwini has officially joined Sol Generation Publishing, on a 3 Year Deal 🤝🏿. We are beyond excited to begin this new journey with you,” the announcement read.

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Mordecai has emerged as a multifaceted artist, garnering recognition for his prowess as a singer-songwriter, poet, guitarist, and music producer.

Mordecai’s artistic evolution has been marked by an unwavering commitment to his craft. His journey commenced with a passion for poetry, painting, and fashion, before blossoming into a musical odyssey that propelled him to the forefront of Kenya’s music scene.

As a founding member of H_art the Band, Mordecai has played an integral role in shaping the group’s identity and sound, garnering accolades and acclaim both at home and abroad. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of genres, Mordecai’s musical imprint transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with audiences far and wide.

Beyond his contributions to Hart the Band, Mordecai has distinguished himself as a mentor and collaborator, nurturing emerging talents.

His tenure as a songwriting and performance coach at esteemed institutions like Sauti Academy and Safaricom Twaweza Live has afforded him the opportunity to work alongside some of Kenya’s most renowned artists, including Nyashinski, Naiboi, and Bensoul.

Most notably, Mordecai recently lent his expertise as a performance coach for Sol Generation’s Press Play Artist Development Program, forging connections and fostering creativity within Kenya’s burgeoning music industry. 

His involvement in the program served as a prelude to his official integration into Sol Generation Publishing, where he will contribute his songwriting and production skills to the collective’s dynamic repertoire.