“Monkey Business” Cost Ksh 6 Million- King Kaka

For his second film, rapper King Kaka went strong.

The Award-winning rapper and businessman has revealed that he has invested at least Sh6 million into his recently launched series, “Monkey Business.”

King Kaka mentioned that the casting for his new series began in December last year, and by January 2024, they were already shooting.

“Between December and now, we have spent at least Sh6 million, so I will do the math to know how much we have made from the premiere of ‘Monkey Business,’” King Kaka said.

He also highlighted the extensive involvement in the making of “Monkey Business,” noting that a total of 162 people contributed to the series.

“The minimum set required at least 40 people, but there are scenes in episode three where the number goes up to 162,” he added.

“This is my second film, and I’m so happy. I hear there are people who missed seats today, and I’m very thankful because it just shows that people are excited and happy about the Kenyan film industry.”

The Kaka Empire CEO expressed his gratitude towards those who attended the premiere of “Monkey Business.”

“I loved this experience, seeing Kenyans all dressed up. Tailors have made a good fortune this week, as well as the people who did the décor and even those who printed our posters,” King Kaka shared.

Held at IMAX (Two Rivers Mall) – the premiere oozed with glitz and glamor as the guests trickled in yellow and black hued regalia – which was the intended dressing theme.

The ‘Monkey Business’ series follows a young man navigating gang life in the ghetto while maintaining compassion and care. Scar Mkadinali, Janet Mbugua, Prezzo, and other stars lead the journey through trials of loyalty, morality, and survival.

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