Modest Fashion: A New Style Trend Looking Back

Fashion is a universal language spoken by millions around the world. But the global fashion language has in recent years stagnated due to a lack of fresh, original ideas.

A new fashion trend gracing the community intends to change that: Modest fashion, a style that lies on the opposite end of the spectrum as compared to the mainstream.

More and more women are growing fond of modest fashion as it gives them a different perspective on being a woman. They believe modest style trends clear out the sexist image that has been related with mainstream fashion requirements.

Cathryn Natasha, a fashion enthusiast from Malindi who is around a lot of modest style lovers, believes that modest fashion is more than what meets the eye. She says it draws more attention to the person than their body parts.

“Modest fashion is being misinterpreted as a majority view it as a religious trend, when it is merely a style trend that can be embraced by anyone who prefers to keep parts of their body covered and less reviling,” she added.

Designers like Balmain, Marc Jacobs and Chanel just to name a few have showcased some of their modest styles on the runway and in their own special collection.

An example of modest fashion from Chanel.

An example of modest fashion from Chanel.

As much as this style trend is booming in countries like Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Canada, U.K. and the U.S., a lot of contradicting beliefs have mislead fashion enthusiasts in other parts of the world to believe that modest fashion trends are limited to Muslim women.

That is purely not the case. This style trend has a variety of designs and inspirations from both the mainstream and the original that could allow for many to embrace it without feeling uncomfortable. Modest fashion trends are colorful, trendy and modern with a touch of ethnicity from different parts of the world.

Anthony O’Dwyer, a young man from Ireland who has family members that embrace the style, believes that modest fashion is not a religious trend. He thinks of it as a self-appreciating style trend. “A girl does not need to bare it all to feel comfortable and confident about herself,” he said.

“It is a beautiful thing to watch a woman embrace her culture and herself simultaneously,” he added.

In Kenya, fashion trends are a mix and match of cultural fabrics with a modern touch that makes our mainstream fashion styles unique. Nonetheless, Modest fashion doesn’t seem to have geared up on a large scale in Kenya yet. There are however some small communities on Instagram such as Hijabeefied and Fiercely_Modest_KE that have been working diligently to build awareness of the different modest style trends.

Groups like these spread word about modest fashion, which would perfectly blend in with existent Kenyan and African trends.

In Kenya, modest fashion style trends could be further enhanced through the creative work of local designers and fashion enthusiasts that have access to authentic fabrics and style ideas. Moreover, it would create a unique African interpretation of modest fashion — something that could breathe a lot of fresh air into the corridors of the African fashion industry.