Mixtape Kings: Starting A Dj Career In The 254

The Dj game in the 254 is at an all-time high. Look closely in your circles; you won’t miss a Dj in your list of compadres. Parents are coming to terms that kids can pursue the art of Djing as a career. Schools are springing all over offering courses on the same. This phenomenal is spreading to other major towns away from Nairobi but the demand for the service is high as well.

The path to being a Dj in the 254 is extremely gruesome and many give up along the way. No TV/radio station will just receive your demo mix and call you the following week with a job. You have to earn your stripes and forge a name for yourself. This can be achieved by joining a sound system, a Dj unit or hustle for club gigs till you become a household name.

With the current climate in that sector, creativity reigns supreme giving the rise of Mixtape DJs. This is a crop of DJs who gain their fame from the streets and rise through the ranks to upper echelon household names. It’s tedious and time-consuming but the benefits surely come in sweet.

Mixtape DJs thrive on having their work (Mixes) playing in public places. Matatus are the biggest consumers as of now but in some scenarios, you will find mixes booming loud in city stalls, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and sometimes public functions. Most of them are free downloads for audio but some clever guys will make a quick buck on video mixes.

Mixtape DJs stand out from the skills applied on one mix. Just to clear the air, the mixes are NEVER done on turntables. Some of the tricks you hear on the mixes literally cannot be executed on the decks. Software mixes come in play. With an easy formula; sick intro praising the Dj and his mixes, have the hottest jams of the moment, interludes from movies, preachers, jokes and lastly some Dj jingles out of this world backed by sleek sound effects will get you up there.

Some of the names you can look out for when searching for mixes, be it in your office, for your car or for other purposes and have crossed over to mainstream media include;

Dj Kym A.K.A Dope Boy from NickDee

Kim has his names on the Mixtape world cemented among the greats. He specializes in video mixes and you will not miss one of his mixes on a Jav anywhere in Nairobi. The business has seen him cross over to Kiss TV where he has a prime time show and he just joined the Kiss FM breakfast club.


Dj Andie

Andie is known for his creative edge in Mixtapes. He used to flood the market virtually every month but now he has toned it down. I bet as responsibilities fall on his lap like TV show on KBC (Homegrown), Radio Show on Homeboyz and Dj academy classes at Homeboyz will limit his releases. He goes hard on Dancehall mixes and local hits.



Dj Lyta

With one of the consistent releases, Lyta already tastes success in this Mixtape front. He does not choose genres of music to mix. He literally has a Mixtape in all types of music that some Big Djs shy from. Rhumba, Soul, R&B name it Lyta will mix it. His success has seen him tour nearly all towns away from Nairobi. He claims that’s here the money is.



Dj Kalonje

Known for mixes varying from Bongo Flava, Kenyan Pop, and riddims 9 years in the game has him as an OG of the Mixtape front. His mixes saw his rise to a position of music executive at local station 1fm and left after some time. Off late, we have seen him transverse east Africa and EUAE just to Dj.



Dj Bash

Dj Bash hits the streets of Kitengela hard. He can claim to own the territory of Mombasa road to Kite and all matatus are jamming to his creativity. He flourishes in remixes and Re-maxes of popular jams through his branded mixes ‘Bashment’. His street rap has seen him hit the TV screens for Teen Republic Show and has two mix shows on Homeboyzradio prime time.


Roy Bennett said, “The Beginning is always NOW”, so stop worrying about this field and just do something.




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