Mixed Reactions After Pascal Tokodi Urged President Uhuru To Watch Selina

Actor Pascal Tokodi has sent the internet into a frenzy after posting a video of an incident in which he ran into President Uhuru Kenyatta strolling casually on State House Road.

The actor posted the video of the short interaction with the president on social media but Kenyans have reacted way differently than expected after watching.

Tokodi, the lead actor on Maisha Magic’s soap opera “Selina” urged the president to watch the show after excitedly greeting him while driving. Uhuru continues to walk while assuring him he will do it.

“Ona Selina! Ona Selina!” the actor screams before driving off.


Kenyans, however, were not impressed by his actions with many claiming it was childish. Kenyans insisted Tokodi just wasted his only chance of talking to the president and a window to share “pressing matters.”


“A Kenyan Young Man meets The President of the Republic of Kenya at a very close range and all he could ask is “Ona Selina!!” Like Dude. Kind of individuals u expect to make the wise choice on the Ballot. Acheni Hawa wazee watawale tu in Peace,” said one fan on Twitter.

While most bashed him for his reaction, others said he did the right thing by marketing the show that feeds him.

Here are more reactions.

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