Mishi Dorah Narrates Horrific Month-long Experience In Jail

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dorah has revealed the horrors she went through while she was in jail for just over a month.

Dorah was charged at the Kibera law courts on June 3rd with obtaining Sh152,550 credit by false pretences after dining and drinking expensive liquor at a city club. She was sentenced to 38 days in jail.

This was after the actress had been accused of ordering Sh3,000 worth of chicken, a cocktail worth Sh2,000 a bottle of water worth Sh400, three energy drinks worth Sh1,650, and two sodas worth Sh500.

Dorah denied the charges.

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Speaking during an interview with local media house TV47, Dorah revealed that she had been attacked by fleas during her stay.

“I was in for 38 days. Look at my skin. Nimekulwa na chawa. Look at me! My beautiful skin that used to glow. I mean, prison is hell. I don’t think there’s any other hell apart from prison,” she said.

She also revealed that it hasn’t been a rosy stay after she was released from jail because her children had been taken by the state to an orphanage. Miss Dorah revealed that it is going to be an uphill task but she is determined to get her children back.

I’m not okay, because right now I don’t have my kids. My kids were taken to the orphanage. I’m not even in my house. I’m trying to bounce back. What I know is I’m going to bounce back. My first priority is getting my kids back,” said the actress.

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