In Memoir, Michelle Obama Reveals She Hated Her Visit To Kenya 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Kenya in 1992 was nothing she expected. Not only was it tiring, but it was also very frustrating.

In her new memoir titled “Becoming” Michelle said that her trip to Kenya with Barack Obama didn’t encourage her to return for another because of such.

To begin with, she left the states with the wrong shoes and once in Nairobi, Obama’s sister Auma came to pick them in an old Volkswagen that was barely moving.

“Auma’s sky-blue VW was so old that it often needed to be pushed in order to get the engine into gear,” she says in the book.

“I’d ill-advisedly bought new white sneakers to wear on the trip, and within a day, after all the pushing we did, they’d turned reddish brown, stained with the cinnamon-hued dust of Nairobi,” she shared. 

Obama has been in Kenya twice after the trip, making an appearance alone in both of them. Michele, 54, said the trip wasn’t that bad because she enjoyed the countryside but fought a lot with Barrack during the time.

The two were in their 20s then and the fights left Michelle thinking about her relationship with Obama.

“For every bit of awe we felt in Kenya, we were also tired, which led to quibbling, which led finally, for whatever reason, to rage. “I’m so angry at Barack,” I wrote in my journal,” she said.

“I don’t think we have anything in common.” My thoughts trailed off there. As a measure of my frustration, I drew a long emphatic gash across the rest of the page,” the memoir went on.”


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