Michelle Obama And Melinda Gates Partner To Support Kenya Girls

Former American First President Michelle Obama has partnered with Melinda Gates and Amal Clooney to sponsor young girls by giving them education support.

Through a new campaign dubbed “Get Her There”, Obama said that it’s hard for Kenyan girls to access education owing to physical, economic and social-cultural beliefs.

The event, which was in New York City, was attended by keynote speakers such as Obama Foundation CEO, Valerie Jarrett, Miria Kimani, who benefitted from the foundations and Samburu Girls Foundation founder, Wanjiru Wahome.

“The campaign plans to fund more than 100 organizations and support 12 community-based organizations that work to improve girls’ education in Kenya, India, and Columbia,” Jarrett stated.

Added Michelle:

“I want them to know Michelle Obama, the girl from the South Side of Chicago. I want to break down that wall of impossibility, to let them know that I have been there, and yes, every other moment, I feel self-doubt.

“Education made a difference in my life. It has opened my life and my possibilities, and has given me the tools,” she stated.

Kimani, who is currently a civil engineer in the US, said the foundations helped her in her education.

Michelle added that parents play an integral role in ensuring that the girl child is taken to school.

“I came from a community and a family where we didn’t have much but I had, a mother and a father who believed in my possibility, who saw me, who fueled my flame, constantly,” she stated.

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