The Band Beca Releases Melodic Cover Song

The girl band is slowly and steadily etching out their space in the 254 music scene with high-quality sounds. Riding the success wave of their previous singles “Tonight” and”‘Brathe”, the girls are getting a footing in the industry and now we as fans can demand more.

Just this week they unveiled a new jam titled “Maua”, which is a cover song serving as the 4th single in their career. This was not only a bold move but also a show of skill, vocal variations and sheer effort to be on another person’s record and try to body it.

Maua was originally done by gospel singer and instrumentalist Zealani – an upcoming talented vocalist about a year ago and it has cemented its place in wedding occasions. The melodies are easy to relate to and have a solid love story. With such success, it’s only right the jam got a new energy to it. Band Beca’s fantastic rendition shows they can do full Swahili songs. I’d say they bodied the vocals because the lyrics are just extraordinaire.

The jam serves as a bridge to a wider audience who vibe to performance vocals, traditional occasions, soundtrack, and backyard parties. So you have to reckon the futurist approach in this.

The Jam is produced by Saint P while Kevin provoke worked on the Lyric video which is available on the girl band channel. Lets us know if this is a hit or a miss.


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