Mejja’s ‘Siskii’ Song Plays at NBA Game

Genge musician Mejja is in a celebratory mood after his latest track dubbed ‘Siskii’ played during America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) game.

In a short video shared on his Instagram page, the court is seen in full view with the lyrics to his song blaring on the music system for all to hear.

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He thanked the DJ who made it happen called Ivy Awino aka ‘Poizon Ivy the DJ’ for ensuring genge music is heard in the West.

#Siskii Playing On Dallas Mavs Game Big Up @poizonivythedj For Supporting Genge Music In The US Always,” he wrote.

This comes two years after King Kaka’s famous song ‘Dundaing’ blared through the NBA speakers as well.

As it so happens, the same DJ ‘Poizon Ivy’ was responsible for the recognition.

“Big up Poizon Ivy The DJ #EastlandoRoyalty,” King Kaka wrote.

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