Mejja, Sanaipei, and Anto Neosoul on the Importance of A Reset

Capitalism and “cement Twitter” has normalized burning the midnight oil, being in the “5 AM club, dropping brunches and staying indoors, multiple streams of income and so on. It’s true that we all have to be hard working but it is even more important to be strategic and work smart as well as know when to take a break.

Quitting, resting, or taking a break from the grind is sometimes a wise move. This February, three Kenyan entertainers reminded us of the importance of doing just that.

Anto NeoSoul opened up about his decision to leave radio and focus more on his music and his other gigs. Sanaipei Tande who has been playing Nana on Kina for a minute also
decided it was time to rest. And lastly; Mejja had to follow his doctor’s instructions when he developed complications with his throat.

Do you take the time to pause and have a feel on what is the right next move for you? This includes regular medical and mental checkups. Signs like waking up without energy, lack of concentration, and being cranky could be tied to a health condition, burnout, or both. Taking a break
could clear your mind and re-energize you. Schedule some time and never feel guilty for doing this.