Meet The Secret 6th Real Housewife of Nairobi: Dr. Catherine Masitsa

After a lot of speculation, Showmax is finally unveiling the secret 6th housewife Dr. Catherine Masitsa. She joins the charismatic cast from the Thursday 23rd March episode. The show premiered last month and has since gained so much traction from Kenyans, that it broke Showmax streaming records.

Dr. Catherine Masitsa

Popularly known as Queen Mother, Dr. Catherine wears many hats. She is a veterinary doctor, real estate investor, and publisher. As an entrepreneur, this hyphenate is the founder and managing director of the famed wedding media company Samantha’s Bridal, which has exploits in TV shows, luxury bridal events, and wedding planning.

Furthermore, Catherine also recently launched her wine brand, Samantha Wines, and is well on the way to launching her champagne brand. The veterinary surgeon describes herself as a business mogul and tastemaker.

What To Expect From Dr. Catherine Masitsa

Looking at her track record Dr. Catherine is clearly not one to shy away from trying out new things. Her debut into the reality TV world is something she looks forward to. “I’m very excited to be part of this show because I’m not very big on social media, and I think that through The Real Housewives of Nairobi, my fans will get to see the real me living my fabulous life.” Says the Samantha Bridal entrepreneur.

Dr. Catherine Masitsa

Dr. Catherine is married to a neurologist, Dr. Andras Rosza, with whom they have one daughter. According to her, family is everything to her and she is excited to showcase this side of her life on camera. “I live for my family, and I work for my family. I like to say that my daughter is my employer because I work for her. My husband is very supportive about me being on the show, and if I ask for anything, he’ll say, “Let’s do it, honey.” And my daughter is a star, and she’s very happy to appear on the show. The camera loves her and she loves it.” She notes

Apart from her family, Dr. Catherine says that she intends to serve nothing but her authentic self in this reality show.” I like to see myself as real; I don’t know how to pretend.” Adds Dr. Masitsa.

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