Meet The Man Behind “Flossin Mauwano” Graffiti

Finally, we are able to put a face to the famous words. The mysterious individual behind the writings on walls is Stephen Mule now also known by the phrase. The 30-year-old even shockingly has the very same tag tattoed right across his forehead.

Flossin Mauwano, a familiar graffiti expression when driving around Nairobi county has a deeper story.

`Speaking to the Standard; Mule opened up about his life and what led him to express himself this particular way.

“In 1997, I watched my parents get knocked down along the Lang’ata road highway along while fleeing a furious crowd of youths. This was during the election violence that erupted that year. The vivid picture of their lifeless bodies has forever been embedded in my mind ever since,” said Stephen Mule.

Stephen’s father, a member of The Kenya Defence Force was a polygamous man. As a child, Stephen had no other option but to stay with his stepmother. He mentions that life was never the same after that. 

“Times were tough, I would run away from home occasionally and go to funeral gatherings within Kibera where I  would spend the day and sometimes even do my homework. I made friends with some commercial sex workers who offered to feed me and even help with my homework at times,” he continued.

Considering what happened to his parents, Mule witnessed more road accidents and felt like he needed to do something to create awareness about this.

”I thought about how I could help, road signs were present but no one really cared for them. As an artist, I thought I could try to educate on these issues hence the slogan. It seems mysterious but research will show most markings are around blacks-pots. This is something I took upon myself and I never had to explain it to anyone. I just mark the place and move on,” said Flossin.

He committed to this project and the tattoo on his forehead was a vow to himself. Flossin also admits to receiving help from other members of the youth who may not even know the true meaning behind it.

Today, Flossin is also a family man juggling his art with his role as the sole provider of his family. His son, Nairobi Musembi inspires him to keep going.

Images: People Daily/Twitter

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