Meet The Kenyan Rapper Who Is On A Mission To Drop A Video Every Week Till Year Close!

Again I’m going to start this with, if you claim you love Kenyan Hip Hop and have no idea who Poppa Don is or have never even heard of him, you’re definitely listening to the wrong stuff.

I met Poppa Don about two years ago when I was handling JumpOff Freshmen 2014 at Homeboyz Radio. I was an intern and still very green. I didn’t know how to handle interviews so I’d say I was just winging it (despite the fact that I had questions written down). Was I a little intimidated? Maybe. It’s his height. Poppa stands at 6’4 and has a voice so deep it shook me a little but after having a conversation with him I realized that he was just a cool guy.

He was also, I dare say,  the most hardworking Freshmen of them all, releasing the Grey Hound 2.0 mixtape, three videos and two other singles which was a big fete. Trust me.

Born Don Dulo,  Poppa Don is a Kenyan urban Hip Hop artist in Kenya who fuses his native language Dholuo, English and Swahili into his flow. That right there is what makes his style so unique. His style is kinda what the veteran group Gidi Gidi Maji Maji had in the early 2000s under the mentorship of one Tedd Josiah.

From that he created Afrolyricism (he also calls himself The Afrolyricist) which basically preaches the gospel to young people, that they should know their roots and be proud of their culture and traditions.

Now he’s on a mission to release short videos every week on Monday till the year is done. Dubbed The Afroaktive campaign, what I’m saying is, when we get to December 31st we’re going to have 52 videos from Poppa Don.
His aim with this campaign is to show his lyrical prowess and to give information on where you can purchase his music.

To Poppa Don, the Afroaktive Campaign is for two things:

Improving his rap skills. He says that rap is like sports. The more you train effectively, the better you become. Poppa isn’t afraid of running out of content because he’s experimenting with different sounds while still looking at how people respond to his work.

It’s also meant for marketing since he makes sure people know where they can buy his music on the info section of every video. He says it’s not a guarantee of sales but it will definitely pick up once fans embrace the Poppa Don brand fully.

The major challenge so far has been video consistency because production cost is not easy. For this reason, he hasn’t been able to put out a video in the past three weeks but he promises to make up for it.

Another challenge has been the fact that he’s not exactly making money from it. Much of the money he’s making is coming from CD sales and shows but it’s still not enough to sustain him single wholly. Poppa has an 8-5 to supplement this.

So far Poppa has released two mixtapes; Grey Hound 1- The Manifesto which was released in October 2012, Grey Hound 2.0-Shortcut To Distinction released in May 2014 and King of The Nile EP which was released in May 2015.

Check out some of the videos from the campaign below:

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