Meet Mani: His Patriotism Will Make You Love Kenya Again

21 April of 2017 by

Just by scaling the interwebs for music, you are bound to discover some gems creeping up trying to stand out and our job is to put the spotlight on them.

With the on-going political lobby blast in the country, musicians are heaping ‘dubplate’ praise style to these political clowns- you might mistake the misplaced love for the country over the politicians.

Discover Mani: Kenyan artist who decided to use musical acumen to express his love for his country. The jam titled Kenya Kenya has beyond amazing vocals placed on an electronic fast paced beat that just calls for fist pumping. He delves into the Magical Kenya concept of tourism and visitation sites. The video showcases wildlife, lakes, wild beast migration and the beautiful plains that make the country’s scenery exceptional.

“You could be living anywhere in the world, but there is one beautiful place I can call home, beautiful nation out of Africa,…No matter where you are from Karibu Kenya” the message with an appeal to tourists and we hope the ministry of tourism can quickly pick this up and be magical with it.

Judging from his Facebook comments on the video upload, Mani elicited a sense of pride from Kenyans at home and abroad. Comments like “I love my country more, I miss home, proud of my country”, makes you take a step and question your patriotism. Watch the video and you are bound to feel some sense of home and pride to the 254.

Mani through his YouTube page has redone the Kenya National Anthem and also covered Jambo Kenya. His love for the country cannot be questioned. In this new age, artists are garnering fame off social media to the mainstream. We are hoping the same for Mani.



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