Meet Kenya’s Very Own Reggae Maestro – Salma Queen

Reggae music is one of the most popular music genres around the world. Originally from Jamaica, the genre has also been well accepted here in Kenya with many fans and even artists indulging in it. One of our very own Reggae stars is Salma Queen. The Time For Everything singer is an established artist whose over decade-long music career has churned songs such as Africa Rise, Unification, and Chemistry.

Popular for her hit singles Chant A Prayer and Cheza Reggae Music, Salma’s music is largely inspirational. All these coupled with her smooth melodies and songwriting expertise make her music a must-add to your next Reggae playlist.

Salma’s immense talent and love for Reggae music have seen her work with various Reggae stars. She was recently featured in Jamaican Reggae Star Thorpido’s song titled, Be Safe and her vocal presence in this inspirational track was quite refreshing. The Reggae singer has also been featured in various compilation albums such as Irie Riddim and Steppers Riddim which featured various emerging Reggae acts.

Having worked with other Reggae singers such as Aly Baba, Gael, and Lavosti, Salma continues to use her talent to spread positive vibes. The Chant A Prayer singer is also a gender-based violence activist who works to further the rights of women and men.

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